We love the outdoors in so many flavors!

Sports on Land

Hiking, mountain biking, trail running, climbing, camping, backpacking, horseback riding, motorsports, mountains, and more

Water fun

Paddleboarding, rafting, kayaking, packrafting, overnight trips, fishing, playing on lakes, and rivers

Connect Nearby

Find other women in your area that love the outdoors as much as you

All the outdoors

Hobbies: everything

No matter what your outdoor flavor, there are other women just like you looking for adventure buddies. 

Plan events together

Connection: Optimized

Suggest a time and place, and the odds are someone in the community will want to join you.

Warm Weather

Outdoors: Every day

Even when snow isn’t on the menu, we’re all looking for ways to cherish nature and its beauty.

Cold Weather

Riding: With Friends

When it’s cold outside, we’re ready for all the pow and bluebird days with other Beauties.

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