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Helping women in Colorado adventure more together

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Our Mission

We aim to make it so that you only head out on an adventure alone because you want the solitude. Being in the mountains is already lonely enough, no one should have to stand on a mountain peak by themselves.

When you sign up for the app, it will build your adventure profile, and add you to groups that relate to your interests. 

Once inside, you can easily see upcoming community and member events, find other ladies to head outdoors with, and a learning library where everyone contributes!


Social Feed

Head over into the Feed where you can read posts from other Beauties seeking touring or resort partners, adventure buddies, general posts, or area condition reports.

The feed can be filtered by the post type, hobby, or backcountry location, making finding others with common threads easier!

This is the space to scheme on new plans, share ideas and intel, or connect one on one with others. Posts here can evolve into events or new friendships!

Event Calendar

All the community events in one place, making finding or sharing something to do quick and easy!

Creating an event makes communicating the details of the trip so much more dynamic. There are different event templates for skin tours, resort days, overnight trips, other events (like hiking, biking, rafting, etc), or links to external events.

Within each event template, there are tons of fields to communicate full details to others so they can be prepared to attend an event.

Learning Library

We really value creating space for individuals to share the knowledge they have accumulated over the years. At every event, we hear women say ‘I’ve been doing this for years and I learned so much!’

In order to continue facilitating that sharing every day, we created the learning library in the app. While the Video section is still under construction, the Articles area makes it easy to start conversations about the Environment, Gear, Nutrition & Hydration, Personal Experiences, Reviews & Recommendations, Skill Building, Snow Safety, and Tour Planning. 

Subscribed members will have the ability to post about their business or job in the Business Directory.

Anyone can submit an article or question, and anyone can contribute to each conversation, making for dynamic spaces to hold and share information with others far into the future!


During the signup process, you will automatically be added to the groups that pertain to your answers. Each group has a chat, mimicking the original WhatsApp community where we started. Group and their chats make it easy to have conversations about shared interests, upcoming events, and event planning. 


Conversations about backcountry ski touring


Connect with other women that live near you


Chat all things 14ers, hiking, rafting, biking, etc…


No matter the weather, there’s always something to do outside


Find other moms, van lifers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, and ladies with similar lifestyles

Ski Resorts

Hit the mountain with a lady crew

Adventure Profile

By completing the signup process, you’ll have your own adventure profile.

In coming iterations your answers will help you connect even more with others whose answers align with yours.

Until then, they are a great way to share with others who you are, what skills and talents you hold, and where you are seeking mentorship.



We launched our Android and iOS apps June 6, 2024!

Head to the App and Play Stores and search Backcountry Beauties or follow the links below